Osteopathic Treatment in Kagurazaka,Tokyo

⚫︎What is an Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a complete and distinctive primary care model for treating and preventing illness, which is characterized by palpatory evaluation of the whole person. 

An american doctor(MD), A.T.Still founded the basic model of it in 1874.

His students developed Osteopathic treatment in and out of America.

Now osteopathic treatment is practiced more than 30 countries including Japan.

Osteopathy is based on the reciprocity of structure and function. Osteopathy recognises the influence of genetic, environmental factors,and lifestyle of each person, in thinking health or ill health.

⚫︎What do we do?

We view health and illness from a musculoskeletal perspective. 

Through a variety of manual techniques, joints are mobilised, muscle tension altered, blood and nerve supply to tissues enhanced, the body’s inherent capacity for health improved.

Advice on posture,exercise and diet may be provided to aid recovery, and to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

⚫︎When to have a treatment?

The sooner you come with a problem, the more likely treatment will work quickly. However even if you have had a problem for years, treatment may be helpful to improve your symptoms.

We treat people not diseases. Most people seek osteopathic treatment when they have pain or stiffness. Common problems include:

  • Low back pain or stiffness 
  • Neck and upper back pain or stiffness
  • Problems with hips or shoulders, or arms or legs.
  • Sports injuries
  • Backache experienced during pregnancy
  • Symptoms of chronic conditions, e.g., asthma, arthritis.
  • Effects of trauma, e.g., whiplash
  • Postural problems & many others

⚫︎How to book a session?

Patients are welcome to book appointments with us directly, without the need for a referral. 

Please send us E-mail for treatment session.

⚫︎About  "Kei Shirasawa"

Kei graduated in 2000 , as an Osteopath,from a 3 year full-time program at Japan College of Osteopathy.

He joined variety of osteopathic trainning of post graduated level, 

・Osteopathy in cranial field
・Osteopathy in visceral field
・Osteopathy for pregnant women
・Traditional Osteopathy 
・Emotional Release
・Mechanical Link 

which was instructed by talented D.Os(osteopaths) from UK,USA,Canada and France.
Kei suffered from pain and dysfunction in lower back and limb for 5 years,when he was in university,trained for competition of rowing race.

He is passionate about furthering and deepening his osteopathic treatment, integrated with other holistic therapy.

・Japanese Seitai(Bodywork)
・Holistic Kinesiology
・Medical Dowsing
・Pranic Healing
・Crystal Healing
・Flower Remedy Healing
・Homeopathic Healing

He opened a private osteopathic practice and in 2005, founded the Kagurazaka Osteopathic Practice "Floating".

His special interests are
  • Painful structural or myofascial dysfunction
  • Pain and dysfunction in pelvic and lower extrimity 
  • TMJ (jaw) problems, neck and head pain
  • Breathing and Digestive difficulties
  • Pain and dysfunction during pregnancy, and after childbirth 
  • Itching and skin disease 
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • General malaise and fatigue
  • Depression and Emotional imbalance              

He is involved in yoga, paddle boat and surfing.

Speaking language /English


Initial consultation or first session (up to 70 mins)  15,000 yen

Subsequent treatment session (up to 70 mins) 10,000 yen

Infants under 5 (approx 30 mins)  5,000 yen

We have a clinic at 

Our clinic is at 501 in the building.(brown color)
Please call us by intercom at the entrance.
If you can't make it,call us at 08050817237.
We'll come down for you.


(Nanboku,Ooedo,Tozai,Yurakucho Lines)

Iidabashi station(Exit No3)

5 min walk from the station.

⚫︎Trains(JR Sobu Line)

Iidabashi station(West gate)

7 min walk from the station.